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Martin Lee Design is a luxury residential Interior Design firm focused on creating spaces curated and tailored to each individual client and their families.

Choosing to forego the path of a design formula or signature style, Stephanie Martin and Mae Lee Logullo instead work to design homes that reflect the individuality and uniqueness of their clients.

The firm delivers a superior client experience that matches the luxury interiors they create.

Our Story:

Mae Logullo and Stephanie Martin founded Martin Lee Design in 2008 after both completing the Bachelor of Interior Design Program at Mount Royal University. Graduating in 2008 in Calgary’s stalled economy meant that Stephanie and Mae would need to create their own path if they wanted to break into the Design Industry.

Stephanie and Mae naively decided to venture out, fresh from school, and open a Design company of their own. The team door knocked, in the dead of winter (and if you have been to Calgary in winter you will understand this was no small feat),  and handed out flyers for months on end until they landed their first client.

Determination and hitting the ground running were the companies’ first strengths. That initial client led to another and then another, and the business started snowballing through word of mouth.

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In 2013 the partners opened a brick and mortar office and welcomed four new junior designers to the team. Mentorship, growth, teamwork and collaboration became the main focuses. The company began taking on a higher volume of jobs including multi-family developments, commercial projects and creating ongoing relationships with builders.

Honing in on streamlined processes with a breadth of experience behind the partners, Martin Lee Design was fast becoming known for its professionalism and polished full package designs. 

2018 brought about an exciting albeit challenging life change that had a significant impact on the business. Mae and Stephanie each welcomed a new baby, two weeks apart. Martin Lee Design embarked on a season of change that transformed the business and designs for the better. Scaling back and returning to a home based business model, Stephanie and Mae each took on their own top clients, focusing on full-scale projects only, as a way to have larger but less projects while simultaneously growing their own families.

With a full belief that women can truly be all things - entrepreneurs, designers and mothers; and a dedication to maintaining the same standard of professionalism and design philosophy Martin Lee Design had become known for. From this time to present the partner’s key focus has been on delivering a superior client experience that matches the luxury designs they create. 

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